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Social Media threats loom large in Indian general elections
The advent of social media and its misuse poses a very real threat to the integrity of India's 2019 general elections.
China continues to be a favourable spot for its 'haigui'
China's booming economy, favorable domestic policies, and tighter immigration policies in Western countries have resulted in the return of "haigui".
Xi shares China's vision for BRI with the world
Delivering the opening speech of the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, President Xi Jinping highlighted the project's core values of international cooperation, inclusive growth and shared prosperity.
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China continues to be a favourable spot for its 'haigui'

By Rachana Goupta

新疆彩票35选7 www.z1ezw.cn China's booming economy, favorable domestic policies, and tighter immigration policies in Western countries have resulted in the return of "haigui".

AIIB hopes to win over critics and promote BRI

By Robert Griffiths

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, with its hugely different model from the "strings attached" World Bank and IMF funding programs, hopes to win over critics and promote China's Belt and Road Initiative.

Belt and Road Initiative not a 'vanity project'

By Liu Qiang

Time and facts have proven China's sincerity in building a trade and infrastructure network connecting Asia with Europe and Africa to seek common prosperity. It is China's sincerity and tangible benefits that have made the BRI more and more attractive.

Why is China still a developing country?

By Qiu Jing

China is still a developing country with a long way to go before it becomes a developed one.

Nicholas Rosellini: BRI provides opportunities in sustainable development

The Belt and Road Initiative, as an important platform for globalization, is providing great opportunities for countries around the world to develop economy.

Bangladesh eyes deeper investments from China

By Md Enamul Hassan

Bangladesh, a strategic partner of China, is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and presents fertile ground for Chinese investment in infrastructure through the BRI framework.


BRSN: Fresh result of Belt and Road Initiative

By George N. Tzogopoulos

Think tanks and the academic community in general have a big role to play in leading public opinion in regard to understanding the aims of the Belt and Road Initiative.

BRF: A model of participatory development

By Sajjad Malik

Growing participation in the second Belt and Road Forum reveals more leaders are being convinced of the cooperative potential of China's global development initiative.

The Belt and Road Initiative: A visionary project for the future of humanity

By Heiko Khoo

The Belt and Road Initiative is a bold move to create the infrastructure of the future to match the process of cybernetic globalization that is linking humanity together.

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